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Mule trail (Saumweg)

Zug to Rüebgarten
Historical transportation routes from medieval times
Distance: approx. 11 km
Difficulty: easy

The history of Zug has a lot to do with its location on the lake and on the western side of Zugerberg. The city of Zug was established in the early 13th century under Count Kyburg to reflect its growing role as a regional center. The lakeside location became a trading place for goods and products, which came from the north via Lake Zurich. These goods were put on ships to Immensee, which served as a connection to Lake Lucerne via Küssnacht. There are still a lot of buildings from this time that are now being used for other purposes, which are evidence of the medieval trade and transportation routes.
Die Route inklusive detailliertem Beschrieb finden Sie im nachfolgenden Tourenblatt.
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