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Pile dwellings in Zug

Invisible UNESCO world heritage

Currently, 33 sites are known in Canton Zug that have yielded the remains of at least 50 pile-dwelling villages. Three of them have been listed as UNESCO world heritage sites since 2011.
Pile dwellings are the remains of Late Stone Age and Bronze Age settlements that were built on lakeshores or in bogs. Thanks to the water-logged lake deposits, finds made of organic materials such as wood, bone and antler are still very well preserved, even after several millennia. The pile dwellings thus allow archaeologists to make detailed statements about the construction of the houses and settlement sequences; they are some of the most important archaeological sources of human history.
Information points have been placed at three sites in Canton Zug. The finds from the sites can be seen at the Museum of Prehistory. An app invites you to visit Swiss pile-dwelling sites.