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The Brotherhoods of Zug

All about the Guilds of Zug

The town on Lake Zug and at the traffic artery for Gotthard prospered: it had been founded in 1200 and 200 years later it became an important commercial and trading center for handicrafts and trade. In order to protect their professions artisans associated together to guilds.
The brotherhoods secured quality of goods and trade. They were
image keepers of their craft. They kept foreign craftsmen and artisans away from Zug. And already then they were a community that offered social ties. In Zug the guilds had no political power. Unlike other cities such as Zurich, they were not represented in the Council. Before the collapse of the ancient regime 16 guilds existed.
From 1848 the Swiss Federal Constitution has guaranteed the
right to freedom of trade. The real purpose of a guild suddenly has become obsolete: The control of trade and craft was no longer in the hands of the brotherhoods. Not all guilds survived.