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Zug Cherries

Cherries, natural produce from Zug

Zug is the cherry canton par excellence. Cherries are natural products and can be enjoyed as they are, or when used to make kirsch, cherry cakes and even cherry sausage.
Many people will have noticed the huge signs along the motorways in the canton showing that Zug is very much a canton of cherries.
In fact they have been harvested here for centuries and processed into a number of products, for example kirsch, cherry cakes, cherry syrup and cherry sausage to mention just a few. What is more, an organisation promoting the cultivation of cherries in the canton, the "IG Zuger Chriesi" is planting more and more cherry trees. Indeed the cultivation of cherries in the canton has been officially included in a UNESCO list of living traditions in Switzerland.
  • Cherry Bloom
  • The best places to admire the bloom:
    - Wiesenweg (Oberwil-Zug)
    - Allenwinden
    - Blasenberg / St. Verena (gut per Auto erreichbar)
    - Zugerberg
  • Source: IG Chriesi
  • Poster Zug-Chriesiland
  • The poster was designed in 2010 by the Zuger graphic designers Ueli Kleeb and Caroline Lötscher
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