Adventure-Playground Siehbach - Zug


The Siehbach children's playground is a lively work and experience space where children can experience the elements of fire, water, air and earth and work and create with them.

Kunst und Spass

The playground near the lake and swimming pool offers everything for little adventurers. One attraction point outshines the other. Whether it's damming and playing at the reed-covered Siehbach, crawling through the willow tunnels, marveling at the water pumps and windmill, or climbing and sliding, the afternoon is sure to pass too quickly. The fireplaces and seating areas complete the offer. The location of the playground is optimal. No traffic, but still easily accessible by public transport, directly by the lake and a bathing establishment, as well as next to a large lawn, which is suitable for playing football or frisbee.

Walking / hiking time from public transport: < 15 minutes