Playground Ziegelei Museum - Hagendorn


The logs, clay and willow tunnel encourage children to explore and experience nature.


You are welcome as master builders and craftsmen, because the theme of bricks must not be missing from the dwarf workshop. Brickmaker and brick building sets can be borrowed. Let's go to the clay pit to make bricks, with the dwarves demonstrating the brick-making craft. Once you've tiled your roof, you can explore the beautiful brickyard area. A highlight is the "Rollwägeli" (rolling cart) at the brickworks, where you can experience the old craft in a fast way. Those who feel a little hungry after all these impressions can be served in the Ziegler Beizli or grill a sausage at the fireplace. After entertainment and culinary delights, there is still some culture to be enjoyed. A visit to the Brickworks Museum, the only one of its kind in Switzerland, is well worthwhile.

Walking/hiking time from public transport: < 15 minutes

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