CHUCKSURF Windsurfing School Lake Aegeri

Water sports school

Even if you've never tried windsurfing, you'll be enthralled by the story of Charles Simmons (aka Chuck). In 1977, together with Eric Carrier of ERIC SPORT, Chuck founded the first of 17 windsurfing stations on the Côte d'Azur in Juan Les Pins, France.

Drei Windsurfer surfen auf dem unruhigen Ägerisee. Im Hintergrund sind die Kirche und Holzhäuser zu sehen.

But that's not all: in 1981 Chuck opened more windsurfing schools in Bocca di Magra (Sarzana) in Liguria and a training center in Rocca Imperiale Calabria, Italy. Hundreds of enthusiastic students have learned to windsurf in no time and had cool times on the water thanks to Chuck's passion for windsurfing.

So if you want to discover a new passion for windsurfing, follow in Chuck's footsteps and visit his windsurfing school on Lake Aegeri. You will not regret it.