Lassalle Haus - Edlibach

Seminar / conference hotel

Openness and quiet, outstanding architecture and relaxing nature, physical well-being and spiritual impulses.


Above Zug, nestled in the hills of the foothills of the Alps, lies Lassalle-Haus, seminar hotel and educational institution of the Swiss Jesuits. Over 150 years of hospitality characterize this place - called Bad Schönbrunn because of its numerous springs. In the Lassalle-Haus you will find seminar rooms for all requirements, from a discussion room with 15 to a plenary hall with 180 square meters.

Costs: Price depends on room size. See website for more details.

Seminar packages:

  • One-day packages include the seminar room plus a group room, lunch and two coffee breaks for CHF 68 per person.
  • Seminar packages include an overnight stay in a single room with shower/bathroom and breakfast, seminar room plus group room, lunch, two coffee breaks and dinner for CHF 195 per person

Services included: Parking, W-LAN is free of charge.

Basic technical equipment:

When booking the seminar package, 1 beamer, 1 pin board, 1 flip chart, 1 presentation case and 1 group room are included in the package. Additional infrastructure can be rented at any time.

The listed all-inclusive prices are per person and day and apply to groups of 10 or more participants. If there are fewer participants, the corresponding individual prices apply to all booked services.

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