Youth Hostel - Zug


In 1987, the city and canton of Zug donated the youth hostel to their town, and they were generous.

Rostrote Fassade der Jugendherberge.

What used to be a wooden shed is now a spacious house with 88 beds, an interior design suitable for the disabled and an art exhibition for free.
A lot of things have been renovated and redesigned at Zug Youth Hostel. For example, the entire guest area was remodeled and equipped with new furniture. Also new is the lounge area with a comfortable reading and children's play corner, as well as the buffet service in the dining room. In addition, the hostel receives two completely new family rooms which were also equipped with new furniture.

Imaginative reliefs are displayed on the exterior wall and their designs are exhibited in the dining room. The two staircases are dedicated to water. You go up the stairs with a wave crashing on the rock, from the room you can see the lake glistening, in the morning a colorful waterfall leads you down to breakfast. The hostel has free wireless WiFi internet access.