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Buzzing bees, fragrant meadows and singing birds. Winter says goodbye and nature wraps itself in a blooming sea of colors.

Ein altes, schwarzes Telefon mit Wählscheibe steht vor einem unscharfen, grünen Hintergrund.

Zug's Chriesiland turns into a white cherry blossom landscape in spring. The best way to marvel at the blossoming trees is on shoestring. As is well known, nature does not stick to deadlines and April is known for its capricious weather.

Blossom news from 3rd May

The cherry trees in the Zug region and the surrounding area have faded.

In the higher regions (Menzingen, Oberägeri) the trees will be in full bloom for the next 10 days.

The flowering time depends on the weather.

Please call us at +41 41 511 75 00. We know where, when, which trees are blooming.