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The increasing importance of sustainability at events cannot be overlooked. It has long been more than just a passing trend, but a clear expectation of guests. Here are some tips on how you can organise your event sustainably.

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  • Ideal location: Choose venues with good public transport links and those within walking distance of the hotel to reduce the environmental impact.
  • Local suppliers: Support local businesses, especially those in the Swisstainable programme, to strengthen the regional economy and promote sustainable engagement.
  • Reduce food waste: Calculate food quantities wisely (preferably a little less), offer flying food and encourage guests to take home leftovers in eco-friendly containers.
  • Regional catering: Focus on regional, seasonal and predominantly vegetarian dishes to support local agriculture and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Sustainable drinks: Provide refill stations for drinking water and minimise the use of disposable packaging.
  • Avoid consumables: Reduce the use of printed and disposable products and choose environmentally friendly alternatives.
  • Gender equality: Ensure a balanced gender distribution among speakers to promote diversity and equality.
  • Accessibility: Choose accessible venues to enable all participants to take part without restrictions.

​​​​​​​Further information and checklists can be found under the following links. Use the Event Configurator to receive your customised checklist for your sustainable event.

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