Biomasse Energie AG


Discover the biomass cogeneration plant in Hünenberg and learn exciting information about the sustainable production of electricity and heat.

BiEAG Biomasse Energie AG

The Biomass Heating and Power Station (Biomasse-Heizkraftwerk) in Hünenberg produces electricity and heat using biogenic waste from the region. The project is trend-setting for a supply with renewable energy. Every day, around 100m3 of biomass such as liquid manure, co-substrates from agriculture and industry, and food waste from commercial operations are collected, fermented into biogas, and this is converted into electricity and heat in the combined heat and power plant. The electricity produced is fed into the electricity grid and the heat produced is fed into the district heating grid. The resulting digestate is spread on the fields by the farmers as fertilizer, thus closing the ecological cycle of biomass.