Guided Kunsthaus-Tour


On an exclusive guided tour you will gain access to the art and learn art historical expertise.

Kunsthaus Zug

The Kunsthaus Zug has many different subgenera within its collection, which span from classical modernism to contemporary art and incorporate local art as well. Due to a lack of space, the wide-ranging collection is not on permanent display, however is exhibited partially in thematic exhibitions. Every year, four to five projects are dedicated to contemporary art and that of the 20th century, with the explicit intention of incorporating the public. Art education is a very important agenda for the Kunsthaus, as seen by its diverse offerings for every age group. Multifaceted conversations and approaches open many different paths to the art works and the exhibitions.

For every exhibition the Kunsthaus Zug establishes a varied art education program. In exclusive guided tours art historical knowledge and the analysis of specific works allow a new and deeper understanding of art. The guided tours can be completed with an aperitif and selected delicacies that the Kunsthaus-Bar would be pleased to prepare for you.