Greth Schell

Guest / culture / city guide

On Güdelmonday strange figures can be seen in Zug.


Beating around with pig bladders, they parade through the old town. They remember the town original Margarethe Schell, called Greth Schell. She always had to fetch her wine-swilling husband from the inn. This custom of the "guild of carpenters, turners and coopers" reminds of it. Disguised with jester's caps, the "Löli" parade through the town. So that the children are not too intimidated, the "Löli" distribute buns, sausages and oranges to the children.

  • Date: Every carnival Monday, Güdelmonday
  • Time: Between 16.00 and 17.00 in the old town of Zug
  • Organization: Organized by the guild of carpenters, turners and coopers