Zuger Chesslete

Guest / culture / city guide

Many dress up - and go to work that way, too. So it can happen that a cowboy is driving the public bus. Each of the Zug communities has its own carnival. In Zug, the "Chesslete" is the prelude to the carnival on "Dirty Thursday".


You have to get up early if you don't want to miss the Zug Chesslete, because the starting signal on the Landsgemeindeplatz sounds at 5 o'clock in the morning. And you have to be persistent. Because the wild hustle and bustle lasts until the morning hours of the next day. All day long the Guggenmusigen move from place to place and delight the Fasnächtler with their cacophonies. You can warm up with "Chesselwy" at one of the many stalls or in a warm, carnival decorated restaurant.