Kirche St. Oswald


With its high tower typical of Late Gothic architecture, St Oswald's Church is one of the most significant churches of this period in Switzerland.

Kirche st oswald

Construction started in 1478, again thanks to the proceeds gained through the Burgundian Wars. Indeed the church bears witness to the wealth of the time, as well as its preparedness to make sacrifices. Today it is also a form of memorial church and very much worth a visit.

  • Construction of church with one nave: 1478–1483
  • Extended to three naves. 1492
  • Extended to basilica. 1544 and 1545
  • Interior renovation: 1762–1765
  • Rebuilt in more Gothic style. 1860–1870
  • Exterior renovation: 1931–1934
  • Removal of neo-Gothic decoration: 1935
  • Total renovation: 1983–1986