Museum Burg Zug

History museum

Highlights from the cultural history of Zug are presented in the theme rooms. Room follows room like a string of pearls, and you can immerse yourself in your own universe in every room.


It goes without saying that suits of armour and halberds will also be shown, but that's not all by far. Visitors can immerse themselves in the past, from atmospheric scenarios up to an explosive love affair. On the basis of collection objects, interactive stations and short texts, both the young and the old can learn lots of interesting facts about the lives of people in Zug over the last five hundred years.

The popular model of the city not only shows the development of the city up to 1730 - it can then be followed virtually up to the year 2013 on a touch screen. The ensemble rooms let us experience industry as our grandfathers and great-grandfathers knew it. An the multimedia stations offer further information for those who are interested in a little more background.
The youngest guests are also not forgotten: The comic figure Lili guides them through the rooms with questions appropriate to their age. A wide selection of tours and workshops for all ages promises hours of excitement.

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