Special exhibition Museum für Urgeschichte(n) Zug

History museum

"High Tech Römer": Special exhibition at the Museum für Urgeschichte(n) Zug.

High Tech Römer, Museon-Omniversum, Den Haag NL, © 2010 Bart Nijs fotografie

Underfloor heating, load cranes, wellness baths, fruit ice cream: did you know that all these things can be traced back to developments from Roman times?

In the hands-on exhibition "High Tech Romans", you can discover in a vivid and playful way how top technical achievements were possible in a time without motors and electricity.

The internationally successful exhibition is being shown in Switzerland for the first time and has been enriched with archaeological objects for the presentation in Zug. Unique finds from the canton of Zug, from Vindonissa (Windisch AG) and from western Switzerland illustrate Roman technology.

Photos: Museon-Omniversum, The Hague NL, © 2010 Bart Nijs fotografie