Zytturm clock tower

Observation tower

From a distance, the dome of the tower appears blue-white but as you get closer to it, you can see the time on it.


But not just the time (Zyt), it also shows the month, the phase of the moon, the day of the week and whether it is a leap year or not. The tower was actually built as a way through the oldest city walls and later part of it was used as a prison as well as housing a room to keep warm by an open fire.

Today the 40-metre-high tower is open to everyone, an opportunity not to be missed. After all, where else other than Zug can you get the key yourself to a city landmark?

  • Height: 52 metres
  • Built: 13th century
  • Heightened: 1478 -1480
  • Re-built to how it is today: 1557
  • Clock installed: 1574
  • Admission: free 

Key to the tower
Mondays: Bibliothek Zug (Opening times)
Tuesday to Saturday: Wunderbox (Opening times)
Sunday: Restaurant Intermezzo (Opening times)