Cross Country Skiing Rothenthurm

Cross-country skiing center

The trail, which is prepared for both the classic and skating technique, first leads out into the wide moor landscape with little difficulty.

Frisch präparierte Loipe in tief verschneiter Landschaft.

Soon we notice the numerous peat huts in the landscape. In the past, peat was mined and dried for heating purposes and stored in these huts. A short time later we encounter another characteristic element of the high valley. It is the little river Biber, one of the last freely meandering rivers of the Pre-Alps. In the course of the rest of the trail we will encounter it again and again.

The general rule for the trail is: the longer the route, the more demanding the profile. No problem for less experienced runners. There are several possibilities to shorten the route at well-marked points. For example, at the Bubrugg to 7km, at the Bibersteg to 11km or at the Brügelweg to 15km. The entire 20km stretch from Brügelweg in the direction of Schwyzerbrugg should only be attempted by experienced and persistent cross-country skiers.