Sato Code

Escape room

Sato Code is a real game. Like an escape room, you’ll search for clues, solve puzzles and test yourself with different challenges.

Sato Code

But with Sato Code, you’re not confined to the indoors. This makes it a game without boundaries.

The path leads you across the old town. From the back entrance of a theatre, to a tattoo studio window or even a Tetris line, the clues could be everywhere. The virtual and real worlds blend: you won’t know what is authentic and what is merely part of the game anymore! A completely new way to discover the city.

At the starting point you will find the first clue. Once you crack the code, it will lead you to the next station. Each step will be a bit more difficult than the previous one and the last one is the most complex.

You can start at any time, day or night. Just reach the starting point, open the Sato Code App and get ready for the most exciting hour of your holiday. Love “The Da Vinci Code”? Just wait until you try Sato Code!