Etter Söhne AG

Liquor trade

Our stringent quality requirements are the guarantee for premium fruit spirits.


The Etter family uses 100% Swiss fruit in the production of its fruits spirits.
There are few companies whose name is so synonymous with quality than that of Etter. Since the founding of this true family company in the year 1870, we have strived for quality in everything we do. Only when we are totally satisfied and once all in-house quality controls have been carried out at our distillery, do we give our product the seal of quality - this is simply our name: "ETTER".

Not all kirsch is the same. The 350 different types in Switzerland alone, plus sophisticated distilling processes, provide an impressive diversity of flavours. Our sweet kirsch cherries come exclusively from the best locations within the region of Lake Zug in the heart of Switzerland. Six totally different kirsch spirits as well as many other fruit spirit specialities such as Poire Williams or Vieille Prune are distilled in the house of Etter.

Welcome to the land of kirsch. Visit our Showroom & Shop in our distillery at Chollerstrasse 4 in Zug. There are plenty of gifts made with natural ingredients waiting to tempt you!

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