Sustainability of the event


Sustainability is a top priority at ZugMagic.


ZugSPORTS, together with WWZ Energie AG as a partner, relies on innovative and sustainable technologies as well as environmentally friendly materials to ensure the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Thanks to state-of-the-art LED technology, the ZugMagic is very economical on the road: the water pumps, lighting and music systems are only in operation for 40 minutes per day, which means that the power requirement is very low at just 3000 kW during the entire running time of the ZugMagic.

A whopping 12 million liters of water are pumped out of the lake on site, sprayed up into the air, and one hundred percent of it is collected again by Lake Zug. In the process, the water is returned to the lake without loss and unchanged in quality.

Consideration is also given to flora and fauna: The fishery report of the Thuner Wasserzaubers shows that flora and fauna are not affected. Nevertheless, this is being monitored very closely together with Zug lake user organizations.

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