Restaurant Schiff - Zug


The feeling of vacation is enjoyed by Zug residents as well as guests from all over the world. The restaurant offers seating for around 150 people in the deck, dock bar, restaurant and captains lounge.

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The team around Erich Barth also offers catering and provides space for a variety of celebrations - whether for business lunches of local and international companies, banquets, birthdays, weddings. The whole house can be used individually and is also ideal for private parties.

"Everything is possible" - the Restaurant Schiff in Zug is considered a pearl on Lake Zug. This has to do with the charm of the time-honored house, the above-average quality that is offered, and the new ideas that flourish here.

The Schiff restaurant is beautifully situated in the historic old town of Zug and directly on the lake. In terms of food, the "Schiff" is known for its daily fresh fish from Lake Zug, homemade organic sausages and numerous other house specialties.