100 K round tour Zug - Zug

Racing bike tour

100 kilometres and a glow on your face? As austere as the loop is, as magnificent and graceful is the landscape. It's worth making one or two extra stops to take in the scenery.

Zwei Gravelfahrende sind in der Zuger Altstadt unterwegs. Im Hintergrund ist der Zytturm sichtbar.

From Riviera to Riviera and off into the mountains. The scenic and cultural contrasts could hardly be greater on these 100 kilometres. From the Krypto Valley Zug, to the Riviera of Lake Lucerne, to the original Muotathal, to the historic battle in Morgarten and back to the centre of the Crypto companies. This round tour with 1700 metres of altitude difference and a crisp ascent challenges the endurance and leg muscles. To make up for the calorie deficit after arriving in Zug, it's best to treat yourself to a slice of Zug cherry cake.