Brunnen - Rotkreuz - Brugg

Cycling tour

City, lake, country, river. Switzerland Mobile's Bike Route No. 77 leads through the picturesque landscapes of Canton Zug.

Velotouring Route 77 Brunnen - Rotkreuz

Brunnen, located directly at the Vierwaldsättersee, presents a unique view of the Urnersee and the magnificent panorama of the Bauenstöcke as well as the firn-crowned Urirotstock. In the back, the grandiose scenery of the two myths. No wonder that the vacation resort is as popular with the locals as it is with guests.

From Brunnen, the SwitzerlandMobility route leads to the next lake. Nestled in the Schwyz valley basin is Lake Lauerz. With views of the two myths, the Wildspitz and the Rigi, the queen of the mountains, the route leads past Lake Zug to Rotkreuz, the destination of today's stage.

The ride from Rotkreuz to Brugg is a paradise for man and beast.  At Reussspitz, the Lorze and Reuss rivers meet. People seeking peace and nature lovers will find a small paradise at the Reussspitz. In the area of the confluence lies one of the larger moorlands of the Central Plateau.

On the route cyclists meet historic towns like Bremgarten or Brugg. Bremgarten is a unique romantic town, lively cultural city and the center of the Reuss valley.

The route ends in the moated castle of Switzerland. In Brugg, the Aare, Reuss and Limmat rivers flow together and transport the turquoise-blue water into the Rhine.

This unique river landscape has been designated as a floodplain and landscape of national importance.

Brugg's old town was built at the constriction of the Aare and consists of two parts. The much larger bell-shaped part lies south of the Aare on a gently sloping hillside, the much smaller suburb north of the Aare at the foot of the Bruggerberg. Almost all buildings are made of shell limestone.