Alpine Panorama Trail Unterägeri - Zug

Hiking trail

If Switzerland had to be depicted in an advertising film, it would probably be strikingly similar to the stage of the Alpine Panorama Trail from Einsiedeln to Zug.

Boote stehen auf dem Seeabfluss am Wanderweg vor einer Haussiedlung.

The intimate passages and panoramas are peppered with cascades of green hills and the rocky backdrops of the already nearby mountains that rise up behind them. Nature reserves allow hikers a first-class glimpse of fauna and flora, and the city of Zug can also boast one or two rare species, this time in the realm of human or economic peculiarities. Happy from so much Swiss feeling, you end up sitting in Zug on the outskirts of the old town and dangle your feet in the lake, while you have booked the table for dinner with sunset in good time beforehand.