Moor hike Reussspitz

Hiking trail

Reussspitz - this is the name of the point where the Lorze flows into the Reuss. The hike lets wallbirds immerse themselves in a natural jewel.

Eine violette Lilie wächst auf grünem Gras beim Reussspitz.

With over 230 recorded species, the protected area is a paradise for native birds. Countless plant and insect species also feel at home in the nature reserve.

Another pearl is the Frauental Monastery. Frauenthal is the oldest Swiss Cistercian abbey, which still exists on the site where it was founded. In the monastery shop, homemade baked goods are a good way to stave off a small hunger.

The magnificent Villette Park is the crowning glory of the hike. It was artistically laid out in 1865 in the English style by Theodor Froebel from Zurich. With its 46,000 square metres, the quietly situated Villette Park is a popular recreation area for the local population.

Start: Maschwanden, Dorf
End: Cham, Railway Station