Moorpath Rothenthurm

Hiking trail

In the valley of the river Biber, the plain between Rothenthrum and Biberbrugg, among other things, the largest still existing raised bog in Switzerland, covering more than 100 hectares, was created.

Nebelstimmung über dem Hochmoor bei Rotenthurm.

In the rhythm of the seasons, the trough-shaped high valley enchants the senses with a picturesque play of colors. When spring awakens, it wraps itself in a delicate purple veil of flour primroses. Colorful butterflies such as lemon, sail and pearl butterflies dance merrily in the valley's summer dress. On cool autumn mornings, it adorns itself with sparkling dewdrops. And in winter, gentle rays of sunlight lovingly embrace the white blanket, while in the lowlands the mist guards its secrets.

The largest contiguous upland moor in Switzerland reveals a different splendor of colors in every season, which delights the eye and touches the soul. For hikers and walkers it offers a place of leisure and relaxation, where they can immerse themselves in the harmony of nature.

Start: Biberbrugg, Railway Station
End: Rothenthurm, Railway Station