Zugiblubbi Adventure Trail

Thematic trail

Go on a diamond hunt with Zugiblubbi and his friends and take part in the prize draw!

Zugiblubbi Erlebnisweg

The Zugiblubbi adventure trail starts directly at the mountain station and consists of 8 game stations and 9 diamond stations. At each diamond post there is a letter which can be entered on the treasure hunt card. The completed treasure hunt cards can be posted in the letterbox at the Zugerberg Bahn mountain station and automatically take part in the next Zugiblubbi prize draw.

The adventure trail covers a distance of around 4.5 kilometers and takes between 1.5 hours and 2 hours (depending on the time spent at the various posts). The entire route is accessible for baby carriages and wheelchairs.

More information about Zugiblubbi and the adventure trail, the story "Was glitzert denn da?" told by Jolanda Steiner, colouring and song templates can be found in the link below.

Family Adventure on the Zugerberg

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