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The City in your hand – CityBot takes you on an interactive journey of discovery through the city of Zug.


Let yourself be guided to exciting places and make the city of Zug your home. With CityBot, you have the knowledge of the locals at your fingertips, including insider tips such as the tastiest restaurants and coziest spots in the city. Completely free of charge.

In the tours mode, you can navigate through thematic tours and experience the stories of a city up close. Content creators carefully put together the tours to offer you a varied experience. CityBot offers media and interactive elements to help you explore the city of Zug in a fun and informative way. Try it out and be amazed by the beauty and diversity of a city!

Whether it's an insider tip or an attraction, in spontaneous mode CityBot makes suggestions based on your preferences, your current location, the time, the weather and the places you've already visited. Let yourself be surprised and discover the city of Zug as you wish. After you set your personal preferences, CityBot will get to know you better the more you interact with it.