Hike Menzingen- Sihlsprung - Sihlbrugg


The Sihl, the Strong, as it was called by the Celts, forms the natural border between the cantons of Zug and Zurich for several kilometers.

In die Nagelfluhfelsen ist eine Galerie bebaut worden. Links neben dem gedeckten Weg fliesst der Fluss.

It is particularly impressive at the Schönenberg rapids, the Sihlsprung. Here the river is constricted by steep walls up to 75 meters high and thus offers an impressive natural spectacle. Equally worth seeing are the waterfall in Finstersee and the moraine landscape near Menzingen, where individual mighty lime trees adorn the hilltops. The mightiest of the lime trees, the Dichterlinde, however, stands on a plain near the hamlet of Grund.

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