Gewürzmühle - Zug

Cultural centre

The unique meeting place for culture and cuisine in Zug's Herti district.


The association Kulturhaus Gewürzmühle and the Gwürzi Bistro offer space for cultural activities and invite you to linger. Culture has been lived in the Gewürzmühle for 22 years. Four cultural associations form the Gewürzmühle community. The doors of the Gewürzmühle are open to all cultural event organizers for rehearsals, courses and performances. We support all creative artists from the fields of literature, music, dance and theater when they start as organizers. Establishing the Gewürzmühle as a lively place for artists and those interested in culture - this was the goal of the Kulturhaus Gewürzmühle (VKG) association when it was founded in 2012.

The association offers space for cultural organizations and artists; In the Gewürzmühle, small, young or less well-known cultural workers also get the chance to present themselves. The focus is on non-established culture with a niche character (poetry readings, amateur theatre, performances, exhibitions, chamber music, culture cafés, jazz brunch).

The "Verein Kulturhaus Gewürzmühle" rents out the hall for performances, rehearsals and courses, coordinates performances in the bistro with the bistro team. He supports the tenants in communicating and advertising their events and takes care of the infrastructure.