Vereinigung Pro Zug

Speciality shop

The Pro Zug Association (VPZ) is an umbrella organization of Zug's stores and interest groups. It represents the retail and service businesses of the city of Zug in matters of factual and trade policy affecting the retail trade.


Every trade and service company can become a member of the VPZ. The IG's Metalli, Bahnhofstrasse, Neustadt, Alpenstrasse and Bundesplatz are united at PZ, which in turn look after the member business. All members are financially and legally equal. Non-organized businesses that do not belong to an IG can apply to the VPZ for membership.

This is done by the Pro Zug Association:

  • Thanks to its size, the VPZ can exert influence on political matters that affect the detailers.
  • The VPZ is committed to equal opportunities for all retailers with regard to ordinances and laws.
  • The VPZ coordinates the opening hours.
  • The VPZ coordinates the activities of the individual interest groups.
  • The VPZ distributes the Zug gift card, which can be redeemed in most member stores.

This is what the Pro Zug Association offers:

  • Possibility of political influence
  • Information for special sales days
  • Organization of Sunday sales
  • Advertising for Sunday sales
  • GV with a current topic