Theater Casino Zug

POI and infrastructure

Theater Casino Zug will open with its new season on 9th September 2023.

Theater Casino

Under the motto "So ein Theater", Zug's cultural beacon presents the diversity of theatre forms and aesthetics: From drama to musical theatre, dance and concert to comedy. Browse through the theatre and concert programme, secure your tickets and look forward to cultural highlights.

By the way, the Theater Casino Zug was built in 1909 by Dagobert Keiser and Richard Bracher. With the current renovation, the old glamour has been brought back to life.

Did you know that Zug has an old theatre tradition? The first records of public performances with over 3000 spectators date back to the 17th century. In 1782/83 a permanent theatre was established at the expense of the town. The modest "Comoedi-Haus" was located on the second floor above the old Stadtmetzg, today's police station on Kolinplatz. In 1808, the private "Theatergesellschaft Zug" was founded, which is still active today as the Theater und Musikgesellschaft Zug (tmgz).