The traditional fruit

Eating & drinking

The cherry found its way to Europe with the Roman general Lucius Lucinius Lucullus in 74 BC. Legend has it that after his victory over the Pontic king Mithridates, he strutted through the streets of Rome carrying the first small tree with ripe cherries.

Zuger Chriesi

This is how the fruit, which is native to the Black Sea, is said to have found its way to Europe. The Romans also planted cherry trees north of the Alps - even in Britain. The oldest cherry stones found on Zug soil were discovered during excavations in Cham-Hagendorn. They are said to be almost 1,800 years old. There is documentary evidence of cherry cultivation on Lake Zug dating back a good 600 years. The traditions known today in Zug are among the oldest cherry traditions in Switzerland.