Zurich - Zugerland Panorama Trail

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Probably the most beautiful panoramic views of the Bernese, Uri and Glarus Alps are to be found on the hike between Zurich and Zug.

Das Restaurant mit der roten Fassade ist von herbstlichen Bäumen umgeben.

The lookout points hidden in the forests of the Albis chain provide first-class views of the mountain world. The view is often so stunning that you would prefer to lie still and let the power and magic of nature work its magic on you. It is all worthwhile to go on. Shortly after Erberstwil stands the Milchsuppenstein.

In 1529, the Catholic and Reformed towns of the Old Confederation were hostile to each other. Fighting was prevented by the mediation of the Glarner Landammann Hans Aebi. According to legend, the conflicting parties fraternized over milk soup.

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